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For more than 100 years, we have continued to live up to the entrepreneurial spirit of company founder Bauer and are constantly developing new material combinations. In the course of time we have developed our standard cladding products, but also realized many successful customer-specific material designs.

And one thing is especially important for us: the contact with our customers. Our products must meet the requirements to 100%, only then we are satisfied with our high quality standards. Good ideas, further education and investments in our technologies are the ideal combination for your application.


Our customized workshops provide basic knowledge and advanced technical expertise on clad materials, their processing and applications.

We set content and methods of each material seminar individually in coordination with our customers.

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Where alloying and heat treatment technology reaches its limits, cladding strip material can help. The manufacturing process, the chemical composition of the material combination and other treatment processes (such as cold rolling or annealing) determine the structure of the materials and thus have a significant influence on their properties.


In this seminar, the basics of the structure of the clad materials and their influence on the properties are explained. The seminar participant will be given an overview of applicable material types as well as the associated standardization and designation. In addition, the criteria for technical applications are described.


The event is aimed at specialists from the fields of design, development, engineers, technicians and quality assurance.



- Construction, structure, mechanical-technological properties
- Material types and their distinguishing features
- Material designation and material marking
- Inspection certificates for metallic products according to DIN EN 10204
- Ordering conditions for materials
- Discussion, open questions

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