Special Materials & Precision Technologies

Wickeder Group is a supplier of first-class material solutions and semi-finished products, on the other hand it offers a broad portfolio of innovative technologies, e.g. as fully or partially automated metal processing up to the assembly of entire assemblies.

The selection of the right process depends on many factors, e.g. material hardness, material thickness, tolerances, accuracy and precision, microstructure change, burrs, production rate, complexity of design, tooling cost, quantity, etc. To find the best solution for you, our engineering and development departments will first create prototypes according to your requirements goes over the small series in the series production.

We are happy to assist you in your product development on the basis of our more than 100 years of experience in the production, processing and application technology of modern materials.

Wickeder Group - strong corporate network

Wickeder Group is a global group of companies with twelve production sites in Europe, America and Asia. The portfolio includes the production of metallic semi-finished products, as well as classic metal processing with innovative technologies. The headquarter is located in Wickede (Ruhr) Germany, where the parent company Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH has its headquarter. Founded in 1913, the supplier of clad materials has since then undergone constant change and further development.

Today, Wickeder Group with its approximately 1,000 employees covers the entire process chain.

Our strong companies together stand for "best of metal" and have established themselves for decades in well-known companies in the automotive supply industry, energy, consumer goods industry, electronics and electrical engineering, medical technology, marine, industry and many more.


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