Customized Development

New product? New idea? New material?

Then you are in the right place!

In our in-house technical center, we will work out with you the best solution for your applications. We use our long-standing knowledge in product and material knowledge and we will advise you on the best material selection and cladding combination.

After the successful development of ideas, you can order samples.

Mix of properties

  • Stability & corrosion resistance
  • Stability & sliding properties & wear resistance
  • Stability & electrical conductivity
  • Stability & solderability
  • Spring properties & electrical conductivity and / or corrosion resistance

Base material

Steel: DC04
Copper: Cu-PHC, Cu-DHP
CuZn alloys: CuZn10, CuZn37
CuSn alloys: CuSn6 Nickel: Ni99,2 LC Ni99,6
CuNi alloys: CuNi15, CuNi20 / CuNi25
FeNi alloys: FeNi36, FeNi29Co18Mn