WaCo Gerätetechnik GmbH is a leading supplier of CNC sheet metal processing. For companies in the sensor technology, medical, railway and electrical engineering as well as laboratory equipment industry, WaCo Geräteechnik GmbH designs and manufactures sophisticated sheet metal parts and assemblies. High-tech technologies as well as modern machines and systems enable WaCo to react effectively and economically to customer requirements.


Schmidl Stahldesign GmbH is a partner of companies from various industries and supplies sheet metal solutions made to customer requirements. Schmidl convinces with a service-oriented delivery and performance portfolio, which is characterized in particular by the production of individual molded parts.

CNC sheet metal parts are manufactured by:

Schmidl Stahldesign GmbH
Vorderbreitenhann 27

91555 Feuchtwangen

Phone: +49 985 23603

Email: info@remove-this.stahldesign-schmidl.de


WaCo Gerätetechnik GmbH
Am Promiberg 18

011088 Dresden

Telefon: +49 351 884450

Phone: waco@remove-this.waco.de