When temperature dependent devices require adjusting, controlling or limiting, that’s when thermostatic bimetal can be utilized. They are often an essential part of many technical devices and are used in many other fields of application.

Thermostatic Bimetals are composites that consist of at least two components with different thermal expansion coefficients of this expansion when heated from different degrees and thereby cause a curvature of the bimetallic strip. The greater the difference in the thermal expansion of the two components, the greater the curvature.

The diverse range offers varieties with great thermal sensitivity, individually defined electrical resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal application limit. In addition to the standard DIN 1715 numerous special thermostatic bimetals be produced - it is all geared towards optimal solutions. Through years of investment and technological measures, even the smallest thicknesses can be made with the highest quality.

Delivery forms

  • Bimetal Strip
  • Stamped bimetal parts
  • Discgrades
  • Electrical Grades
  • Coils
  • Assemblies

Layer thickness and combinations can be customized individually to clarify the electrical resistance, the specific thermal curvature and the application temperature. The adjustment of the specific electrical resistance is done by intermediate layers of copper, nickel or steel.

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