With its patented water jet technology, Inflotek manufactures sieves and centrifuges that surpass the traditionally designed in almost every way:


› The highest open area of any screen thicker than 1.5mm
› Greater slot tolerances and more consistent performance as screen wears
› Stronger and longer wearing than any other metal screen
› Complete flexibility in slot design, orientation and density
› Tapered slot with a sharp entry opening for minimal plugging and blinding


Inflotek uses a proprietary waterjet cutting technology to perforate flat sheet metal with thousands of fine, high tolerance slots.

These sheets are manufactured into screen products for a wide range of centrifuges types, including:

› Pusher centrifuges
› Screen-scroll centrifuges
› Screen-bowl decanter centrifuges
› Tumbler centrifuges
› Vibratory centrifuges
› Starch centrifuges


Inflotek strives to provide the best performing, longest lasting screen at prices competitive with traditional wedge-wire, milled, punched, pierced and laser-cut screens.


Furthermore, Inflotek offers screens that deliver greater deliquoring, and lower loss of retentate, while maintaining throughput and extending the time between screen change outs.


Services such as metal production, machining, welding, laser and plasma cutting, molds, cutting, punching, drilling and rolling are also available in-house. These capabilities allow you to create your product completely from a single source.

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