Against the political background of the drive to reduce energy consumption across industry, there is an ever increasing demand for more efficient transformers. Since September 2015, a directive has been implemented under EU Regulation 548/2014 which prescribes the maximum energy losses for distribution transformers and the minimum Power Efficiency Index (PEI) for power transformers.

In additon to the on-going improvements in the development of transformer plates (electrical plates), there are also opportunities to improve the efficiency of the wound components.

The clear aim is to reduce both current and heat losses, in order to reduce energy consumption as well as increase the lifespan of the transformer.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl is leading you into the future – using the right clad materials to take advantage of the corresponding properties of the component metals.

Aluminum Copper Transformer

CuAlCu – significant weight saving combined with good electrical performance

› significant weight saving combined with good electrical performance

› high electrical conductivity along the outer Cu layers

› increased strength compared to flat Al cables

AlCuAl – targeted current carrying and excellent heat transfer

› targeted current carrying along a range of Copper inlays within the Aluminum

› excellent heat dissipation via outer Aluminum layers

› anodisable



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