Copper Interior

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› looks like copper
  same patination properties as solid copper

lighter than copper
easy and quick handling like copper

stronger than copper
greater resistance to damage caused by hail

easy to process
cutting, forming, bending, soldering, hard-soldering

ease of installation
simpler and quicker than copper

theft protection
marking to protect against copper thieves

electro-magnetic field protection
the combination of ferro-magnetic stainless steel and highly conductive

  copper provides    protection against electrical and magnetic fields

CopperPlus – quality material with excellent properties

Previously found in castles and churches, copper is today once again a popular material for modern architecture. Facades, roofs and other decorative elements can be transformed into real highlights by employing CopperPlus, a copper-stainless steel-copper combination. CopperPlus is as easy to form as copper and yet as a clad material, it offers further advantages over and above simple copper.

The two copper layers are metallurgically clad-rolled under extreme pressure onto a core layer of stainless steel, thereby creating an entirely new combination material. This process creates properties which the individual materials themselves do not possess. This enables the product to fulfill many specific requirements.

Competence and Experience in clad materials

CopperPlus has been an established trade mark in the USA for over 50 years, thanks to its varied architectural applications. This combination material of copper-stainless steel-copper has gained an excellent reputation amongst architects, home owners and installers alike. Thanks to its lighter weight, it allows quicker and more efficient installation as a roof cladding material. It can be cut, seamed, trimmed, profiled and brazed just like stainless steel, whereas soft-soldering can be carried out like normal copper. Even hard-soldering is possible, if performed within the correct heat parameters. CopperPlus can be fastened with nuts, bolts and clamps made out of copper, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

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