FERAN - First Choice for Air Cooling Condenser

The most dangerous problem with DACC systems is a failure which will occur during operation of the power plant and is not detected at the end of the production of the bundles. A delamination after the start of the power plant will dramatically reduce the efficiency of the power plant. If a replacement of bundles becomes necessary this will cause tremendous costs for the power plant.


Wickeder Westfalenstahl prevents this through a strong quality assurance system which enables a strong control of the parameters during all processes and ensures clear traceability of the used (right) materials.


FERAN - Aluminum Clad Steel:  
› Minimum 50 µm Al-layer
› Free edges for optimum welding of tubes

Wickeder FERAN - more than 20 years experience

› Reference list worldwide covers a capacity of over 550,000 MW
› 100% reliability, no field failure ever reported

Maximum power plant efficiency over life time through
› Corrosion resistance of integral Al-layer
› Reliable heat transfer by stable bonding and brazing connections
› Al-free inner tube surface
› Highly sophisticated production facility in Germany

› Wickeder Westfalenstahl has established an unique traceability system based

  on special marking on the steel side

Immidiate access through stock
› Wickeder Westfalenstahl has established a FERAN stock in China to guarantee

  immediate access for the DACC producing companies
› The stock volume enables to cover an uninterrupted production period of

  at least 8 weeks for the customers



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