An intelligent mix of materials for your weight saving ideas

The concept of weight saving is a crucial part of today’s automotive design and manufacturers’ demands in this area are continually on the increase. On the one hand the components produced by a supplier must be as light as possible to save weight and thereby reduce fuel consumption. On the other hand, these components need to form a safe structure, as well as possess high strength and rigidity in order to absorb or divert the impact energy generated in the case of a crash. Consequently there is an increased demand for suitable materials to satisfy these weight saving ideas. Thanks to the alloys manufactured by the Wickeder Group, the demands of the automotive industry can now be fulfilled.

Aluminum-Steel cladding with improved performance

In comparison with regular materials, clad strip made from Aluminium and Steel combines the advantages of both metals:

› Low cost Steel core clad with the properties of the Aluminum surface
›  Improved formability in comparison to pure Aluminum
›  Magnetic properties due to Steel core
›  Excellent heat reflection properties
›  High corrosion resistance even after forming, due to the homogenous cladding proces

Solutions for the demands of the future


In addition to Aluminum-Steel clad strip, Alumium-Copper and various Copper-Steel clad materials are also widely used in the automotive industry. In these cases the layer thicknesses, material condition and dimensions can be tailored to your individual requirements.

› for the manufacture of bodywork
› for bumpers/fenders
› for profiles
› as a transition material
› as cell connectors
› in the field of in-car electronics
› as a shielding material
› as decorative interior and exterior components
› etc.

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