Tradition & Expansion

Since the foundation in 1913 Wickeder Westfalenstahl has assured its market position through organic growth, strategic take-overs and first of all through product and technology innovations.

Wickeder Westfalenstahl is the parent company of the Wickeder Group and specialized in producing clad materials. Today, Wickeder Group has about 1100 employees working in eight locations in Europe, America and Asia. It has established itself as an important supplier of semi-finished products. The Group's companies include:


› Wickeder Westfalenstahl

› Auerhammer Metallwerk

› Engineered Materials Solutions

› Micrometal

› etchform

› HPetch

› Inflotek

› Waco Gerätetechnik

› Schmidl Stahldesign

Wickeder Group - Strong Compound

Wickeder Westfalenstahl is strategically managing Wickeder Group, exploring synergies and developing new business models and products. Core business of Wickeder Group is the production of metallic semi-finished products and supplying services as technical consulting, research and development as well as toll working.

In addition to the production of semi-finished products, finished products like punching and bendiging parts can be offered by the addition of new technologies.


Wickeder Group Portfolio:

› Clad Materials 

› Thermostatic Bimetal

› Metallstrips / Nickel strips 

› Metallic Foils 

› Precision-etched Miro components 

› Seperation Screens & Waterjet Technology

› CNC Sheet Metal Processing
› Toll work

› Research & Development

› Technical Advise