5th to 8th May 2016 IRAN OIL SHOW

Founded in 1992, the IRAN Oil Show is now one of the leading regional platforms for the oil, gas and petro-chemical industry. In fact IRAN Oil Show is also the biggest show in Iran and takes place at the Tehran Permanent Fairground every year. Even for companies of Wickeder Group the exhibition has a great importance to promote their portfolio.


Deutsche Nickel presented their wires and rods of nickel, nickel-copper and nickel-based alloys as well as their billets. A major role in the industry plays the alloys 400, 500, 625 Chronin, 718 etc.


Auerhammer Metallwerk offered ideal solutions for the oil and gas industry with its metal strips. Metal strips are special materials based on Nickel and other alloying elements. For demanding applications mainly Nickel-Chrome, Nickel-Copper, Nickel-Manganese and Copper-Nickel alloys are suitable.


The Clad Material FERAN os one of the main product of Wickeder Westfalenstahl, which was presented. It is a single side Aluminum Clad Steel Strip, used worldwide in Dry Air Cooling Condensers. Wickeder FERAN has more than 20 years experience. In addition, Aluminum-Copper-Clad Designs were presented which are mainly used for cooling elements or as flexible busbars in various applications, e.g. flat cables in automotive, railway and aeronautic as well as in building technology and energy sector.