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Wickeder Westfalenstahl, Engineered Materials Solutions and Auerhammer Metallwerk present the latest material solutions in the field of clad materials, nickel strips and metal foils for the most diverse battery applications.

The intelligent cladding designs combine the positive properties of at least two metals and thus ensure, for example, longer service life, better thermal management, higher strength, higher conductivity and much more.

Stainless Steel-Copper Clads are primarily used as electrical connectors with high conductivity. The excellent conductivity also allows heat to be efficiently dissipated within a battery pack.

Aluminium-Copper Clads
are mainly used for pouch cells, but also for prismatic cells. They combine the good electrical conductivity of copper with the cost advantage of aluminum.

For battery cooling in the battery box or battery tray, cladded Aluminium-Stainless Steel is particularly suitable, as it has a flat design and therefore a low overall height.

3-5 µm Stainless Steel Foil is mainly used in solid accumulators.

Find out which material is the best solution for your product.

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