Wickeder Group presents its portfolio at Blechexpo

Economic success in Europe is increasingly based on high technology products.

The function of the material, e.g. mechanical, thermal, tribological and chemical properties as well as the metalworking finishing process are important for the application. The aim is to ensure the profitability of the manufacturing processes and the quality of the components while maintaining the highest quality.

At Blechexpo, we will present our entire Wickerder Group portfolio for the first time, which is divided into two subject areas: Special Materials & Precision Technologies

The Special Materials section includes:

> Clad materials

> Thermobimetals

> Nickel-based metal strips

> Metallic foils

The Precision Technologies division includes:

> Photochemical etching process

> Waterjet cutting

> Punching. Bending. Welding.

> Laser cutting, laser welding, switch cabinet construction

> Polymer coating

We look forward to seeing you at booth 6520, hall 6.

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