› New design appearance forms added visual security feature
› Strengthened hidden EMF signals when using the symmetrical 5 layer clad strip
› Corresponding scrap reduction: both the central disc and the outer ring are stamped from just one coil of strip
› Cost saving

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MMC Flip-Flop

Our so-called MMC Flip-Flop coinage strip has not only technical but also commercial advantages.


Currently two completely different alloys are used in the production of all €1 or €2 coins (upper image). One alloy for the inner disc and another alloy for the outer ring. This leads to a very high rejection rate of the outer ring. However, in the case of a two colour Flip-Flop coin, both the inner disc and the outer ring can be produced from just one material (lower image).


The amount of material required to produce the current €1 and €2 coin designs is about 50% higher than that required to make the equivalent Flip-Flop coin, due to stamping metal losses. This is valid for both 3 and 5 layer Flip-Flop strip.