Our Product CUFER+


Our clad strip CUFER combines the electrical conductivity of copper with the strength of steel. Our new variations with additional tin, silver or nickel layers provide special technical properties.



Copper Steel Plus

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  • stronger than copper alone
  • lighter than copper alone
  • ferro-magnetic properties
  • improved electrical conductivity
  • improved thermal conductivity
  • improved solderability
  • improved corrosion resistance
  • decorative appearance

From idea to application

Electrical components of all kinds are designed using those material properties, which ensure a long and reliable product life span.

Our CUFER combination of copper and steel has been used to manufacture components in the electronics industry for several decades. Nevertheless, sometimes the existing properties are not enough, since the demands on the product are always increasing. Therefore we have pioneered a new route by developing our new CUFER+ product.


The new “Plus” at Wickeder Westfalenstahl


Thanks to our newly developed production method of adding a layer of tin, nickel or silver, we can now combine the existing mechanical properties with an improved decorative appearance, at the same time creating additional product advantages.

Tin is a suitable top coat due to its malleability and capacity to suppress tin oxidation at the contact area, as well as improving corrosion resistance in general.

Silver can be applied to take advantage of its high electrical and thermal conductivity. Furthemore it has a greater resistance to high temperatures than tin, which makes it ideal for use in the electronics industry, particularly for contacts, flat wires and waveguides.


Further performance improvements can be made by the addition of nickel alloys, in particular where your material is employed in harsh environments. Such products exhibit excellent corrosion and wear resistance and can be relied upon to function across a wide temperature range.